Hero3+/Hero4 -20 UV Pack


Hero3+/Hero4 -20 UV Pack

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UV Replacement packs of 5 or 10 filters allow the active GoPro Hero 3 user to use and abuse their favorite filters without the need to repurchase a full kit. This -20UV filter reduces UV aberrations/pollution below 18 metres. As light is limited at this depth then filtering can be very problematic. It only slightly reduces available light but stops the pollution problems. Please note these filters will only work with the Formatt-Hitech GoPro Hero 3 holder, which can be purchased separately.

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GoPro Hero3+/Hero4 Filters and Holder System

These filters and holders are only way for GoPro users to use Formatt-Hitech’s professional quality and award winning filters. The holder is lightweight, unobtrusive, extremely durable, plus easy to install and remove using a single thumbscrew. Filters are made from the highest quality optical resin and significantly increase the image quality on Hero3+/Hero4 cameras by removing rolling shutter distortion, correcting color balance, adding polarization and increasing lens protection.  

The holder system is designed to attach to the housing of the GoPro camera and two size options are available; Hero 3 (Wrist & Dive Housing) and Hero 3+/4. (Standard & Blackout housing).

Hero3+/Hero4 UV Filter

The UV filter has a slight yellow (or minus blue) effect that corrects for atmospheric blue at high altitude and reflections from snow and water. This filter will be ideal for paragliding, mountaineering, snowboarding, water sports and more.

Formatt-Hitech Resin Filters

Formatt-Hitech’s resin filters are ultra flat, have excellent contrast and are completely transparent to the visible light spectrum. Formatt-Hitech’s resin has the highest scratch resistance of any non-glass optical material and it’s resistant to most solvents, chemicals, aging and material fatigue. Because of the ruggedness, light weight and portability, resin filters are a great choice for photographers and HDSLR filmmakers. Resin filters are dyed using our exclusive Absorbing Cell Technology process.