Firecrest Ultra Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition Long Exposure Kit #1


Firecrest Ultra Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition Long Exposure Kit #1

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This Firecrest Ultra Long Exposure Kit includes 3, 6, and 10 stop ND filters. This combination is extremely versatile, allowing the shooter to use 3, 6, 9, and 10 stops of ND, plus the magical 13 and 16 stops for true long exposure shots of 5 minutes and longer. This kit is offered in two versions, Circular Firecrest filters and 100mm Firecrest ND with holder & adapter rings. 

Kit Includes:

  • 3 Stops Firecrest Ultra ND
  • 6 Stops Firecrest Ultra ND
  • 10 Stops Firecrest Ultra ND
  • Exclusive booklet authored by Joel Tjintjelaar
  • Long exposure conversion chart
  • Pouches or clamshells

100mm Kit Includes;

  •  Firecrest 100mm Filter Holder
    • Soft Touch Outer Case
    • 82-82mm Rotating Adaptor Ring
    • 67-82mm Step Ring
    • 72-82mm Step Ring
    • 77-82mm Step Ring
    • Firecrest 82mm Ultraslim polariser
Filter Size:
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Joel Tjintjelaar

Joel Tjintjelaar (pronounced chin-che-laar) is an international award-winning fine-art photographer from the Netherlands. Joel’s work is truly groundbreaking. In addition to having an impeccable eye for subject and composition, Joel’s Selective Gradient Masking technique has redefined how B&W images are processed. Joel is extremely active online, has tens of thousands of followers in the social medias and leads several of the photography groups on Facebook and Google+.

Long Exposure Filter Kit #1, Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition

Joel Tjintjelaar is the world’s leading architectural fine art photographer. Joel typically makes 5-8 minute exposures using up to 16 stops of ND to create surrealism in clouds and water. The Long Exposure Kit comes with 3, 6, and 10 stops of ND. This combination is extremely versatile, allowing the shooter to use 3, 6, 9, and 10 stops of ND, plus the magical 13 and 16 stops for true long exposure. This kit also includes a booklet authored by Joel Tjintjelaar, a long exposure conversion chart and filter pouches or clamshells.

A second Long Exposure kit is available with 10, 13, and 16 stop ND filters for the hard core long exposure enthusiast. 


Firecrest Glass

Firecrest is a multicoating applied to glass and is far-and-away the most technologically advanced filter manufacturing process on the market. Firecrest filters remove dyed resin from the filter manufacturing. The Firecrest multicoating is an rare earth metal coating applied to the glass through an electrolytic process. Most importantly, Firecrest technology gives our chief scientist unprecedented control over modifying specific frequencies of the light spectrum. The result is hyper-neutral NDs, with tailored reductions of ultraviolet, visible spectrum light, near-infrared and infrared.

ND Filters

3, 6 and 10 stops ND in Firecrest Glass

Neutral Density (or ND) filters produce a grey neutral effect and are used to reduce light in photography, enabling control over exposure time and depth of field without affecting color or contrast. ND's are made in different densities according to the level of light reduction from 1 stop to 10 stops (even 13 and 16 stops) of light.

The 3 and 6 stop filters in this kit will moderately increase your exposure times for landscape images, but when combined with the 10 stop you can achieve 2-3 minute exposures when shooting near the sea (13 stops) or 5-8 minute exposures for architectural photography (16 stops).

Long Exposure Kit Versions

All kits include foam gaskets, filter pouches/clamshells and exclusive Joel Tjintjelaar Long Exposure booklet, and exposure conversion chart.


Firecrest ND Circular Screw-in

  • Includes 3, 6, and 10 stop Firecrest ND circular screw-in filters
  • Circular screw-in filters are small and lightweight, and because they’re threaded directly to the lens, light cannot leak between filter and lens 
  • Feature SuperSlim aluminum rings which are 5.5mm thin and stackable

100mm Firecrest ND

  • Includes 100mm 3, 6 and 10 stop of Firecrest ND glass filters
  • Also available with 100mm aluminum holder and 77mm & 82mm wide angle adapters

165mm Firecrest ND

  • The Lucroit holder is specially designed for large-barrel wide- angle lenses such as the Canon TS-E 17mm or the Nikon 14- 24 that otherwise lack a filter solution 
  • Includes 165mm 3, 6 and 10 stop ND filters
  • Also available with Lucroit holder and threaded adapter ring or camera specific adapter ring