Firecrest Ultra 100mm Reverse Grad

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Firecrest Ultra 100mm Reverse Grad


Firecrest Ultra are the next generation in Neutral Density filtration for photographers.

Firecrest remain (December 2017) the only professional grade filter that is bonded to protect the coating in the centre of the filter giving the filter enhanced durability over coated products and protecting your investment.

With Firecrest Ultra we have taken this process one step further and we now "lap and polish" the filters, a process previously only carried out on our cinema grade filters. So as well as the superb neutrality and durability that Firecrest deliver, the filters now benefit from enhanced clarity and sharpness and are the most optically flat photographic ND filters in the world, regardless of focal length.

Reverse ND grads are specialty filters designed for shooting sunrise and sunset where the highest luminance is near the horizon line. The reverse grad features a hard transition in the centre of the filter (similar to the hard edge grad) but reduce in density toward the top of the filter.

Firecrest Ultra Reverse Grads are available in 100x100mm and from 1 to 5 stops.

For the discerning photographer Firecrest Ultra aren't the best choice.

They're the ONLY choice.

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